About Plainshare

The story

Today, we live in an age where we buy things that we don’t need. However, we didn’t know that until we bought them. This is called consumerism. One perfect example is supermarket. If you look at how supermarkets are designed, you will notice that you’ll have to “take the tour” before you’re finally out. In other words, you’re supposed to buy things that you don’t actually need. And this is also true for e-commerce websites. They don’t ask you what you need at the start. They show you things at discounted price. Today, there are too many e-commerce websites. They’re competing against one another just like supermarkets did in the past.

We’re probably familiar with the term “sharing economy”. However, this is not so true since one has to buy and not really share. Basically, it’s just another marketplace. Plainshare is a platform where people don’t buy. They still acquire things they need. But not in the form of conventional transaction where money flows from one person to the other.

Plainshare is a challenge to conventional economy.

On Plainshare, we create value not money. Money is a commodity used in the exchange system. Banknotes, those papers to buy things, are a form of money which is called currency. But money is arbitrary. It doesn't have value in itself. Value, on the other hand, could be defined as something we serve for.

Value is human nature.

We want to create something different. Something unprecedented.

And this is just the beginning.